Monday, December 26, 2011

Lavender Slippers and Headband

I was asked to make a pair of little fancy shoes for a 2-year-old for Christmas. First I thought about making them red or green, or red-green, you know, in the Christmas spirit, but I had some lavender color merino wool that was just begging to become a slipper. And then to seal the deal I found little pencil-shaped buttons in the same color. There was no more doubt, the slippers were to be lavender! 
I made the sole black (for practical purposes, naturally). 

Lavender Butterfly Headband
Since I had some lavender color wool left over, not enough for a new project but enough for a little accessory, I made a little headband, with a butterfly. It has a little pencil-shaped button too which is not only decorative as on the slippers, but practical so the headband is adjustable for different head sizes.
Lavender Booties and Headband Set

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