Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Greetings dear readers!
The time has arrived to get busy with spring woolly projects, sunnier colors and lighter materials. It's time to clear out some space and make room for new stuff, and thus get rid of the winter  ware. What to do with the winter woolly wonders that didn't find a happy home this winter? Well we'll give them another chance, what else!??!
Hence, the idea of a SPRING GIVEAWAY! It's purpose will be to give homes to the remaining winter woolly wonders, so that everybody gets a fare chance!

What better to start with then the most popular item this winter:

The item in question is a black headband, 10,5cm wide, for head size 55 - 58 cm. 
Material: Duetto wool, 50% wool, 50% acrylic fibre (thus washable in washing machines). 

What to do to become eligible to become the proud owner of this beautiful headband? Well it's simple:

1. Click on the LIKE button on FB page Wooly Folk, if you haven't already, off course :-).
2. After thata click the SHARE button and repost the link to this giveaway on your FB profile so I can distinguish you from everyody else and enter you int the Random widget.
3. Enjoy Wooly Folks news and oldies!

The Giveaway lasts from 27th February 2012. to Sunday the 11th March 2012.
For citizens of Croatia: the shipping costs are on me!
For other countries: the shipping costs are 5,50$ (to be payed via PayPal.

And last but not least a little reminder why you want this headband......:-))))

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Award!

I got another reward from a fellow blogger so I have to flaunt it :-).She is a dear, dear creative woman who you can find at Amalia's World. Amalia thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Now the award conditions that I write seven things about myself, and since I already wrote them when I got my last award, I'll just go over them here: I still have a female golden Cocker Spaniel that is spoiled rotten since I love spoiling those I love, I love the spring and the morning sun, but right now I am enjoying this wonderful snowy weather even if the rest of Europe is cursing it. We're used to it here and don't mind the broken shovels and coxigis .-). I still love sleeping, and even more eating, especially sour cherry's.....when combined with chocolate even moreeeee...mhmhmhm

Next, 15 of my favorite fellow bloggers who are creative, communicative a regular, and also inspire my work.  
Be sure ti pay the award forward!

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And last but not leased, I'm giving this award as an incentive to a now blogger who will certainly become one of the most interesting once she really digs in ;-)
My Life in Cashmere

Thank you all for the inspiration, and thank you for the time and effort you put in to share your talents and abilities, as well as the knowledge and secrets of your trades 
with the rest of us!!!!xoxo