Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hat sets - a hat for mom, a hat for the little one

I went a little crazy with the brimmed hat pattern and made two new sets. 
One set has a standard brimmed hat with bow, just a bigger one for mom, and a smaller one for toddler. Its a set for the stylish moms which love a little twist in the coloring. It's a turquoise/fuchsia combination.
Turquoise/Fuchsia Hats
But then I realized not all moms love brims and bows, and weird color combinations so i made another set, a more classic one. A white hat with brown brim and matching bow for the baby (newborns size), and a bigger one without the brimm and bow, just a thin brown edging for the more elegant mom. 
White/Brown Hats

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