Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring headbands with Irish flowers

Retro Golden Spring Headband
Let me introduce you to my latest little project. I used a Drops Design pattern as a foundation, and added a twist or two of my own as I always do just to make it an original. Each headband is different then the other, be it a use of a different color or the flowers in different sizes and color combinations. I decided to make each a unique piece. Just like the winter headbands, I wanted to make every one just as special as their current and future owners. 
I also took some time to familiarize myself with basic photography. According to my sister who is a hobby photographer: "It was about time!". Too tell you the truth, I always thought my pictures were quite fine. Until I checked out how the girls on Etsy do it. And then I realized ......I suck! 
My photographs don't do my crochet justice, and that just wont do! 
Of course, once you learn to snap a fairly good photo, you still aren't finished, as I innocently thought....That just opens the doors to........ Photoshop! Once I was convinced that Photoshop isn't evil, and not used only to make those gorgeous models look even better, and to hide blemishes and red eyes on family photos I got down to business. What I was most interested to learn was how the get a bunch of photos into one, like a compilation, and to be honest, that's as far as I got with my newly acquired  Photoshop wisdom. Enough for now if you ask me. 
When I started I focused on learning crochet techniques so I can design my own patterns, and thought that being a good crocheter was enough. Now I see to have success with crochet, and a satisfied audience, you need to be a programer, photographer, web designer, etc and the crochet part is what you have the least time for.....
So you will excuse me for posting rarely...It's just that, I still spend most my time crocheting, and the technical wait for me to be "in the mood".
I'm more active with posting my work on DeviantArt, so you can always pop in there, and check it out. 
Until next time....hope you like my new photos, and enjoy the Spring Headbands!



"Funky Turquoise"


  1. It's so beautiful! I like it, fantastic colours! : )

    1. Thank you! I'm quite proud of them! Thanks a lot!