Friday, September 30, 2011

Barbie dresses

I have quite a collection of unique handmade Barbie dresses. This is only a part of the collection, since I am still in the process of making them. But I can not wait to finish all of them before I post them, so here they are. 

Golden Gown - it's actually a two-piece dress. I made the top and skirt separably to make it easier to dress the doll. I got the lacy pattern from

 Red two-piece suit - supposed to be a bussines suit, but somehow ended up a bit too....wel, lets just say too revealing.

Red evening gown - this is the first Barbie dress I made. I made it without taking measurements, so it ended up a bit too small for a regular 11,5 inch Barbie doll.

These first four dresses were made with steel crochet hook number 7

 Peachy flower dress - pattern for the skirt again from MyPicot. Crochet hook size 3,5mm/E. 

Sun-kissed Yellow Dress

This is currently my favorite Barbie dress! I even have no more comments to add about it since I feel any further comment on my part would be to much because I am more than bias on this matter :-). Thus I will leave it up to you to judge how pretty it is or how it is not. There is just one more thing I must do and that is to thank my sister for buying this color thread (even if she did buy it for herself and i stole it) that was so beautiful it was in itself an inspiration. 

It was made with crochet hook 3,5/E with sc stitches across the yelow part, and a standart shell motif for the rims. 

Come, see, crochet.....english version

Hello all you English speaking crocheters!

I have noticed an increased number of viewers from English speaking parts of the Globe, so I decided to add a translation page so you can get more from my blog than just looking at pictures.

Since I already have quite a collection of posts, this project will take some time. This is why I suggest, if anyone has a certain work for which they would like the pattern, to contact me via email, or leave a comment under the post in question and I’ll put that translation on the top of my list. If you have any questions you can also feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to try and answer as soon as possible.

All in all I am happy to welcome all of you to my blog, hope you’ll enjoy it as well as find it useful!

P.S. While the posts will be translated only in English at this time, and this is the preferred language for contact, you can also feel free to contact me in German or Spanish if you do not speak English.