Friday, September 30, 2011

Barbie dresses

I have quite a collection of unique handmade Barbie dresses. This is only a part of the collection, since I am still in the process of making them. But I can not wait to finish all of them before I post them, so here they are. 

Golden Gown - it's actually a two-piece dress. I made the top and skirt separably to make it easier to dress the doll. I got the lacy pattern from

 Red two-piece suit - supposed to be a bussines suit, but somehow ended up a bit too....wel, lets just say too revealing.

Red evening gown - this is the first Barbie dress I made. I made it without taking measurements, so it ended up a bit too small for a regular 11,5 inch Barbie doll.

These first four dresses were made with steel crochet hook number 7

 Peachy flower dress - pattern for the skirt again from MyPicot. Crochet hook size 3,5mm/E. 

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